Son De La Guayra Live: Saturday, June 22nd 2024

Celebrating 20 Years Of Outdoor Dancing ~ FDFest 2024

Spotlight: Son De La Guayra
By Nicoloco · Dec 22nd, 2023

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Hello there, dear friends and Dance Enthusiasts!

Welcome back to our rhythm-filled world of dance. In five minutes, let's uplift, inspire, and move together. Let's recharge your love for dance. Sharing our dance vibes? Sign up for your weekly dose of dance directly in your inbox!

Dance Quote: Every season brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, embrace the changing hues, and dance amidst the shifting landscapes.

New Traditions

Warmest Wishes on Solstice Day! Growing up near the equator, the shift of seasons was once a distant concept to me. But years of living here, coupled with the joy of having my child born on the 21st (Dec or June), have imbued this date with profound significance.

Embracing these transitions, we've started new family traditions, including a smudging ritual led by my partner Jen (Intuitive Guide), symbolizing renewal and purification. I've also grown to cherish the mental and physical rejuvenation that comes with this seasonal transition, recognizing its remarkable impact on our well-being.

A friend and student of mine shared a link from the History Channel to how different cultures around the world celebrate Winter Solstice. It was cool learning something new!

ai generated image of the smudging ceremony

Well, remove the candles, presents and cat, and instead visualize legos, toys, a dirty daiper and a half naked kid climbing the couch, and that would depict yesterdays morning ritual. Lol, and I wish I looked that good!

Thank you to everyone in our community for an amazing year in dance. A special thank you to our dance/support amazing team | Nemanja, Rebecca, Mikaela, Andres, Amanda, Viviane, Nathalie, Joanne, Bradley, Meera, and the many more supports not mentioned here, thanks for keeping us dancing, growing, and connecting. Your dedication and energy are the secret sauce to our community's salsa – spicy, vibrant, and utterly irresistible!

Holiday Gift For FDComm

Exciting news as we gear up for FDFest 2024! We've just unwrapped an early Christmas gift for our community: Guelph's renowned Latin Band, Son De La Guayra, is confirmed to set the stage alight at next year's festival! Get ready to mark 20 years of vibrant outdoor dancing with unforgettable rhythms and soul-stirring melodies that only Son De La Guayra can bring. This is a celebration you won't want to miss!

Dance Quote: To dance is to embrace the changing seasons, to become larger with every step, more beautiful with every twirl, and more powerful with each rhythmic beat.

DANCE.VENTURES | FNSF Closed for 2 weeks
Where can I dance tonight? Great Gatsby Latin Fiesta: January 19th, 2024
• the next time we get to dress up and dance

1st Theme Party of 2024, hosted by FDComm

Yes, FNSF is closed for 2 weeks, but that does not mean there is no social dancing. Years ago (pre-2016), I used to take annual Latin Dance pilgrims to Toronto to dance over the holidays ~ no significant dance events existed West of Mississauga. Now, we have several, and it’s such an easy drive back home at 3:00 am after a night of dancing.

Here are a couple of places to check out this holiday season
1. Hamilton | ~ Saturday, Dec 23rd | Studio G Holiday Special
2. Cambridge ~ Saturday, Dec 23rd | Queen Latin Music Dance Legion 519

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Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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