FDFest24 Early-Bird Tickets Available

Celebrate 20 Years Of Outdoor Dancing!

Spotlight: Early-Bird Tickets Available
By Nicoloco · Mar 21, 2024

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Hi there dance friends!

💃 Welcome to the dance floor of life! Take a moment to nurture your mind, body, and spirit through the healing power of movement and rhythm. Our curated content offers solace and rejuvenation. Join our community for exclusive access, early peeks, and endless dance tales. Let's dance our way to inner peace together!

Dance Quote: Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.

Jacques d'Amboise

In June, 2024

In exactly 3-months-time, FDFest 2024 will be hosted on Saturday, June 22nd, at the Goldie Mill Ruins.

The FDFest 2024 Early-Bird Tickets are available for the next 31 days: from Friday, March 22nd to Monday, April 22nd. Here are the few confirmed artists for 2024.

Experience dancing outdoors in an Old Ruin to Live Music by Guelph’s own Salsa Band, Son De La Guarya
• Dance workshops with talented local dance instructors
- Mikaela Lewis from Remix Swing
- Cornell Mannings from Studio-G in Hamilton
- Jeff Fox - Liquid Lead
- Claudia & Julian from CaluJules - Flamenco Dancing

In April, 2024

New Session in Salsa Dancing - Levels 1 to 3 | Sunday, April 7th
• 1:00 pm - Level 2 Salsa
• 2:00 pm - Level 1 Salsa
• 3:00 pm - Level 3 Salsa
Instructor: Nemanja

New Session in Bachata Dancing - Levels 1 to 3 | Sunday, April 7th
• 1:00 pm - Level 1 Salsa
• 2:00 pm - Level 2 Salsa
• 3:00 pm - Level 3 Salsa
Instructor: Nico

Where Can I Dance Tonight? 

• Tomorrow, Friday, March 22nd: Friday Night Salsa Fix (FNSF) in Guelph

Where Can I Dance Tonight? 

• Today, Thursday, March 21st: Salsa dancing in Studio-G | Hamilton
• Sunday, March 24th: Sunday Mid-Day Fix in Waterloo

Next Week
• Wednesday, March 20th: URBANKIZ in Guelph
• Wednesdays: 𝗗𝗧𝗞 Wednesdays Salsa Bachata Zouk Kiz
Friday, March 29th: Friday Night Salsa Fix (FNSF) in Guelph

FDFest 2024 | Celebrating 20 years of connecting our community through dance

With 7 - 11 hours of dance lessons and social dancing. Are you up for the fun challenge? Learn more…

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