Dancing five (5), sometimes six (6) days a week

Free In May 2024 ONLY

Spotlight: Double the Dance Adventure
By Nicoloco · May 14, 2024

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Hi there dance friends!

Step into our dance sanctuary, where every movement is a celebration of life! Join us on a path toward wellness and vitality in just a few minutes a week. For those seeking a longer, healthier life filled with dance, subscribe now for exclusive insights and community connections. Let's dance towards a vibrant future!

Dance Quote: “A dancer masters the floor not by force, but by the persistent flow of their movements, smooth as a river through stone.”

Inspired by Jim Watkins

FREE IN MAY 2024 - FDComm’s Annual B-Day Celebrations
Pre-Moonlight Dancing

As we continue celebrating FDComm’s Birthday, we would like to announce that for the month of May, Moonlight Dancing will be FREE for all our students whom registered with us over the past dance year (September 2023 to May 2024). We would like to thank you for your support over the past 8 months.

BALLROOM TUESDAYS starting Tuesday, May 14th, 2024
• May 14th – Cha Cha Dancing | Instructor: Nico
• May 21st – West Coast Swing Dancing | Instructor: Nico
• May 28th – Rumba Dancing | Instructor: Nico

LATIN THURSDAYS starting Thursday, May 16th, 2024
• May 16th – Bachata Dance | Instructor: Nico
• May 23rd – Salsa Dancing | Instructor: Nico
• May 30th – Line Dancing | Instructor: Nico

Now that our outdoor dance schedule is ready to go, it just dawned on me that I will be dancing five days a week, sometimes six. I am thankful that my knees are still holding up after all these years, lol.

It also reminded me about the importance of proper nutrition for dancers. I reread a post I shared sometime ago on this subject. A good reminder for myself, especially now that we are in a new location, there are many wonderful restaurants in downtown Guelph with amazing food.

Posting Our Newsletter twice a week

Because the doubling of dance events within Guelph and the surrounding communities, we have decided to share our weekly newsletter twice a week. On Tuesdays, we will share upcoming dance events for the week. These will include our Friday Night Salsa Fix, Moonlight Dancing, FDFest, and more, plus other events hosted by dance communities in southern Ontario.

On the 2nd newsletter share, we will talk about our dance program, upcoming lessons, workshops and performances, plus dance tales from our community. We hope you will continue being part of our dance family.

Where Can I Dance Outdoors This Summer?

The FDFest 2024 Early-Bird Tickets are available for the next few days: EARLY BIRD RATES EXPIRE FRIDAY, MAY 17TH, 2024.

Where Can I Dance Tonight? 

• Celebrating Flying Dance Communities Birthday
• This Friday, May 17th: Friday Night Salsa Fix (FNSF) in Guelph
• Intermediate Bachata Instruction with Rebecca May

Friday Night Salsa Fix - Every Friday, All Year Round

• May 17th, 2024: Friday Night Salsa Fix (FNSF) in Guelph
• Intermediate Salsa with guest Instructor Jarin, and Nemanja

Where Can I Dance Tonight?

La Pachanga Salsa Social | Waterloo, On
Salsa Night Dancing | London, On
• The Sunday Mid-Day Fix | Waterloo, On
𝗗𝗧𝗞 Wednesdays Salsa Bachata Zouk Kiz

We update some sections regularly and love to keep things fresh and exciting. We hope you enjoy the variety!

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