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Latin Fiesta’s @ the E-Bar | 2001 to 2018

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By Nicoloco · Jan 25, 2024

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Celebrating 20 Years In Dance ~ 2004 to 2024

Did you know?

I wanted to re-share a post I shared on Facebook in 2016. It was the summer, and we were celebrating 15 years of dancing to Salsa music at the E-Bar. It was a night of celebration, the Guelph Salsa band Son De La Guayra was playing for the 1st time.

Did you know that Son De La Guayra will be joining us again for FDFest 2024 @ Goldie Mill Ruins to help us celebrate 20 years of Latin dancing? Saturday, June 22nd, mark your calendars. Anyway, we are very excited!

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Fifteen years ago, I started hosting Latin Fiesta Events at the Ebar because there wasn't any place to dance Salsa in Guelph and the Tri-Cities area (Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge). The weekly late-night drives to Toronto gave me my Salsa Fix, but were they tiring, especially when an unexpected overnight road construction happened, why why why why why why …………

This journey wasn't just mine; it was built on the strength of many. It's impossible to capture the gratitude I hold for each person who played a part, but allow me to spotlight a few key figures:

A long long time ago
To my parents, whose wisdom in sending us to Canada for education was matched only by their lessons in community spirit.

2001 to 2004
My brother, Colin Kaburia - a linchpin in those early days, helped me juggle a night job (I would teach a basic salsa class at 9 PM, then steal a few moments on the dance floor) before rushing off to work by 11 PM. Colin DJ'd for the rest of the evening. The Latin Fiesta at the E-bar would have not happened without Colin's support.

A special nod to Patsy Huetha, who brought the talented Giovanni Torres (DJ Gio) to Guelph. The ripples of Gio's Basic Salsa Lessons have not only shaped my career but also enriched our community's dance tapestry, and now I no longer have to drive to Toronto to get my Salsa Fix.

2006 to the end
Then came DJ Gury Gury, my other brother, who seamlessly stepped in 2 years after Colin ventured west. Your takeover of the music at the Ebar was a decision that resonates with brilliance - and you are an amazing Salsa DJ. Even though I like DJing a lot, I just happen to love dancing more.

To the E-bar, our gracious host over these years, thank you for being the stage on which our dreams danced. E-Bar is closed

And to the vibrant souls of the Guelph and Tri-City area Dance Community - what a journey we've embarked on! From the Havana Club nights at Johnny H's to the Salsa Cottage Retreats and Congresses, our steps have woven a colorful tapestry. Today we have a vibrant dance community that keeps growing every day, every week. We dance with friends from all walks of life and all ages, and I look forward to making more memories with you all over the next 40-plus years.

Finally, to Jennifer Lynne - your patience and love allow me to be myself. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Here's to the past fifteen years and to the many more to come. May our dance floor always be a place of joy, connection, and unstoppable rhythm. Join me in this ongoing fiesta, where every step tells a story and every beat is a celebration of our vibrant community, mwah... 🌟💃🕺✨

“It is not true that people stop dancing because they grow old, they grow old because they stop dancing”

• Inspired by Gabriel García Márquez

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